TV-unit models:

TV cabinet models:

You probably have at home are already a TV unit. If you want the same model TV unit you have finished very quickly in the choice of your TV cabinet model. BUT the Offering you the opportunity (home) room or even the interior of your house to reconsider! Because you have different kinds of TV furnishings. A TV unit must also be practical, perhaps you now have a decoder, a modem and a video game store in your TV cabinet. Or maybe you have a TV unit you immediately a computer can lose! Also incorporates the wires from your TV cabinet. Look here for some examples of models of TV-furniture

Here are some considerations that affect the model TV unit:

tvmeubel with computer

* What size TV do you lose in your TV cabinet. Please note that the old cumbersome to perhaps one year will be replaced by a flat-screen! Please also take when you buy a TV unit with your future TV. A flat is also against the wall! Many people (men) do not accept a smaller TV in the future!
* What other equipment do you have stored in your TV cabinet. Has a video game or will shortly in the TV cabinet. Maybe you lost your stereo system in the TV cabinet, or maybe you play your music from now on your computer! There are no TV furniture with it also, unfortunately, washing machines ...
* Do you want your TV furniture store even more stuff? Is your TV unit a wall unit? Children on arrival, shortage of storage space in sight? Maybe your current TV unit replaced by a new TV unit with more closet space? There are also TV cabinet where the TV behind cabinet doors could!
* It may be useful for a mobile TV unit to buy. Watching TV with a larger group, as the TV unit to move one meter? We cooperate with the wiring of all devices in the TV cabinet stand!
* Perhaps you immediately lose a computer in your TV cabinet, so you have everything at hand! If one partner than watching TV, he looks at the back of the other partner behind the computer! Some kind of commitment!
* Of course you need enough space in your room for your TV unit
* Colour TV unit, choose a color for the TV unit, we accept your choice and have no tips on color differences between roommates!