TV-unit materials: TV-unit Teak

TV cabinet from Teak Wood

Why a TV furniture of teak wood, for many people, the main argument for a teak TV unit, taste. Furthermore, a teak wood TV cabinet the following features:

Ow okay a little background information first teak wood, we went to the teak wood TV cabinet go.

Teak weight: 650 kg / m³ and has a high natural oil content which makes it feel greasy. This makes teakwood durable and resistant to rotting teak This may withstand extreme weather conditions, not just as a tree as a TV unit!
Teak does not splinter or no. These two reasons combined with the beautiful appearance of the wood, teak makes it very suitable for making furniture,

Teak furniture suitable for outdoor use, probably not only your TV!

So not a bad choice for a teak TV cabinet to buy!

Learn something about the maintenance of teak! If your TV cabinet untreated leaves is possible that there are spots into the wood. If so quickly with a damp cloth on your TV stand out longer to get served a second chance with green soap and soda. You can then further consider your TV cabinet sanding, but it usually fails between two commercial breaks!

You can treat teak TV cabinet with stain, varnish, wax or oil, all with their own effects and features!